Artisan Food – What is It and Why is It So Popular?

Artisan Food – What is It and Why is It So Popular?

In recent years, the artisan movement has taken over the food industry. With many consumers now actively looking to support smaller businesses which favour traditional, handcraft methods, artisan products have experienced a huge growth in demand.

Despite its recent surge, artisanal food has been around for a long time. Here, we discuss some of the reasons why artisan food is so popular – and it's potential to change the food industry.

What is artisan food all about?

Artisanal products are different. Unlike mainstream and mass-produced foods, they are made using traditional methods, often by hand in limited quantities. Artisan food is crafted without ‘nasties’ – ingredients that include preservatives, colourants or chemicals, which can make them a healthier alternative.

Artisans who produce these types of products are often passionate and strive to inspire consumers to taste the quality and originality of their food.

Food appreciation encouraged

A Western ignorance and lack of appreciation for food has led to it being viewed as an endless, dispensable product. Artisan products encourage consumers to take an interest in how their food is produced – fostering a greater sense of food appreciation by bringing traditional methods into the modern world.

Waste is dominant issue in the food industry, with around 4.5 million tons of food thrown away by UK households each year. If food is wasted, then the resources and energy used to produce the food are also wasted.

If all consumers truly appreciated the food they ate, the amount of food wasted would reduce.

Sustainable food to benefit the environment

Artisans use local ingredients that are typically grown in organic, free-range environments. Often, they are made using carbon-neutral methods that support sustainable agriculture and encourage seasonal eating.

Buying and eating artisan food is a great way to reduce the environmental impact your food has.

Artisan produce drives innovation

It takes great skill to produce artisan products. Experimenting with different flavours, ingredients and methods to create a unique product that tastes great is no mean feat. By supporting local artisans, you are also helping to support local innovation within the food industry, as well as boosting the reputation your area has for high-quality food.

Buying artisanal food helps to showcase the talent and innovation of small British producers.


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